Four Fredericksburg VA Dining Establishments That Serve Up Excellent Food

Fredericksburg has a population of nearly 30,000 people. It is a growing city, and it is a historic city. Fredericksburg was founded in 1728. You can also expect modernity when you visit the city, but its historical roots are everywhere. You are going to find that comes into play when checking out the best places to eat. The following are four top restaurants to visit in Fredericksburg VA.

For example, the first suggested restaurant is the Colonial Tavern Home to the Irish Brigade. Now that is definitely a unique name for a dining establishment. You are going to find this Fredericksburg restaurant at 406 Lafayette Boulevard. Have you had the chance to try Irish soda bread? You can also order up shepherd’s pie, pot roast and more. The pretzel bites, cheesecake and vegetable medley are three other menu options that make the highlights.

Allman’s BBQ looks like a great place for a meal, and its location is 1299 Jefferson Davis Highway. While it is said to be a chain restaurant, it’s evidently a good one. It’s on the first page of the list of top restaurants in Fredericksburg. That means it is in the top 30, and it’s evidently a great place to enjoy some delicious Virginia barbecue.

The Tavern at Lee’s Hill is another one of the places you might want to stop at for a bite to eat in Fredericksburg. On Spotsylvania Avenue, The Tavern at Lee’s Hill is known for its wings, salads and brisket. You can also order up some great burgers and other sandwiches there.

Then there is the 2400 Diner. This diner is located at 2400 Princess Street, and that tells you how it got its name. I like how diners always keep it simple. Known as a great place to eat brunch, 2400 Diner serves up a delicious short stack. You can also order up a gyro, home fries, steak and eggs and more.

Is brunch what’s on your mind, or are you looking at this piece when it’s time for dinner? Plan out your Fredericksburg meal stops as you count on the short list I’ve provided of four of the best restaurants in the city. Whether you want brunch, barbecue or something a little different, these picks have you covered. Fredericksburg VA is such a unique and very historical city, and as I mentioned, the history even spills over into the names of the restaurants in some cases.